EvadeClip Status Update #6

Dear EvadeClip Customers:

The last month has been another frustrating blur. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time communicating with our manufacturing partners, mostly on pushing things forward rather than fine tuning the details. So. Many. Delays. Before we go into more detail, here’s a quick video with the very latest.

There are a lot of different pieces of the product coming from various vendors. Here are some of the delays that have us pulling out our hair:

  • The cord saw sample was supposed to be here two weeks ago today. We got it today!
  • The rod saw manufacturer delayed production for some unknown reason but it is supposed to finish this week.

At this point, everything is pretty far along and we keep being told there is very little risk of delays going forward. We’ll keep knocking on wood. As of right now, they believe that the first batches will begin to ship around December 5th and take about a week or so. Our warehouse team is 100% ready to go and it shouldn’t take more than a day to turn around the orders as we receive final product. All orders should be shipped by 12/15.

All that being said, we are deeply concerned that this continued string of delays has significantly impacted our brand’s reputation. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do at this point is to continue to wait until production is finished. We've made several changes behind the scenes to avoid this in the future and look forward launching the many products we have in development/

Again, we sincerely appreciate your patience! If you’re tired of waiting and would like a refund please email team@tihk.co and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements. If you’ve moved and want to provide a new address, please email us ASAP!



Justin (product designer), Rick and the rest of the TIHK Team