EvadeClip Status Update #7

Dear EvadeClip Customers:

This has been an extremely difficult update to write. We have been anticipating the receipt of EvadeClip production units the last two weeks. While we hadn’t received confirmation of shipment yet we still held out hope that they were going to pull through with what was promised. Today would have been the last day to ship via USPS with delivery by the Christmas on the 25th. We were wrong and this hurts — everyone on the team is bummed that we haven’t been able to keep any promises we’ve made.

While we expect many of you to be extremely unhappy with us (we would be upset too) we please ask that you hold out just a few more weeks to get your product. As you can expect, we are reluctant to provide a shipping estimate, but we are hopeful that they will ship the first week of 2017 based on recent communication.

What we do know for certain is that we will never let this happen again. All the cool products that are in the pipeline for 2017 will have ZERO chance of this occurring again. 


PDF EvadeClip “Gift Card”

Just in case you were planning on giving the EvadeClip for the holidays and obviously can’t now, we’ve created a simple printable PDF that you can provide or show to friends and family. You can download it here: link

EvadeClip Gift Card

HK2 Sneak Peak

We do have some goods news to report, however. The 2nd version of the Handcuff Key (HK2) is finalized and is working fantastically. It works well in all of the handcuffs we tested (much smoother than the HK1) and includes some additional “teeth” on the interior of the clip to keep the product on your person. Everyone who pre-ordered the EvadeClip will be getting at least one of these in your order for free.

HK1 (top right) vs. HK2 (bottom right)


Happy Holidays

We sincerely appreciate all of your support and patience. 2016 has been a growing year for our team and we look forward to the new year (and of course, shipping out all of these EvadeClips!). We hope to repair our brand’s image in your eyes by creating (and delivering) premium products that support our belief in the protection of life, liberty, and property. Our desire is to help citizens protect themselves from those who would unlawfully infringe upon all three. Happy Holidays!

Finally, if you’re tired of waiting and would like a refund please email team@tihk.co and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements. If you’ve moved and want to provide a new address, please email us ASAP!


Justin (product designer) and the rest of the TIHK Team