Blunt Force Weapons: Small Tool, Huge Impact

Searching for the ideal self-defense item for everyday carry can be daunting. A handgun isn't always ideal, not to mention requiring extra training and certification to conceal. Pepper spray is all too easy to fumble and requires frequent testing to make sure it's in working condition. For a lightweight, easily concealable, highly effective self defense weapon, why not try a blunt-force tool?

Blunt-force tools are intended to enhance self-defense tactics by strengthening the force of a punch. They also often concentrate the impact into a smaller area to increase damage done. There is a wide variety of blunt force self defense tools on the market, typically made of aluminum or high-impact plastic. Many double as a bottle opener and keychain. There are a couple of broad groups to choose from, including:

Knuckles and Punchrings

Imagine brass knuckles you've seen in movies, then dial it down a notch or two (and a finger or two) and you've got a good idea of what's available. Many of the tools are shaped with a hole or two in the center to fit over one or more fingers, with the back end held in the palm and the impact side pointing outward to be directed at an attacker.

The word "punchring" tells you everything you need to know about what it is and what it does: they are made to fit over one finger just like a ring and used to very effectively increase the impact of a punch.

Some knuckles and punchrings have sharp corners to maximize damage, but the sharpened tip isn't necessary to cause a lot of pain and give you time to get away.

Kubotans and Tactical Pens

Kubotans, kappo sticks, tactical pens, and similar blunt force tools are intended to be held in the hand like a weapon. The term kubotan (sometimes mistakenly spelled kubaton) is a trademarked term that has been genericized to refer to a wider variety of similar products (like Band-Aid or Kleenex). The original kubotan is truly blunt, but many other items on the market being sold under the same name have a tapered tip.

Kubotans, tactical pens, and pressure point control devices can be used to strengthen the force of a punch, concentrate impact into a smaller area to increase damage done, gain leverage on wrists, fingers and joints, and increase pressure to pressure points.

A Kappo stick is like a kubaton, with a strap that keeps it against your palm for open-hand strikes and applying pressure without dropping it.

Why Choose a Blunt-Force Tool?

A blunt-force tool incorporates seamlessly into your everyday carry- many double as keychains and can serve other purposes aside from self defense. Most are highly inconspicuous and some (such as tactical pens) are disguised as everyday objects to further avoid detection. An item like this, if you practice with it regularly and have developed the muscle memory to render it effective in an emergency, give you a serious edge should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Nan Chung
Nan Chung