The Best Super-Slim EDC Items for Your Wallet

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When it comes to everyday carry, your real estate is precious and limited. Make the most of your wallet space, with very little added bulk, with these 5 super-slim EDC items.

Readyman Wilderness Survival Card (Violent Little Machine Shop)

You may not need fishing hooks every day (or maybe you do!), but a dual-sided saw, tweezers, and sewing needles could come in handy no matter where you are. This little powerhouse is stainless steel, lightweight, and strong enough to cut through rope and wood.

Folding Credit Card Knife with Ultra Sharp Blade (ACE Hackware)

Is the bulk of an ordinary pocket knife too much for your minimalist lifestyle? This super-slim pocket knife transforms from a card to an ultra sharp functional tool in seconds.

Credit Card Lightbulb (Dragon Impact)

How are you going to grope about in the dark for the keys you dropped on the ground when your phone battery is dead? With one of these clever little beauties you never have to wonder.

Urban SlimTool (TIHK)

Biased? Us? What are you talking about?

Tighten a bolt, loosen a screw, crack open a beer... and when the sh*t really hits the fan, break out the lock picks.