Universal Handcuff Key

The TIHK is the only universal handcuff key you will ever need! Unlike other universal handcuff keys, which may be cumbersome and difficult to conceal, the TIHK features a low-visibility matte finish and weighs in at just 0.2 grams. Other universal handcuff keys must be kept in a pocket or on a keyring where they may be impossible to access in a tight spot, but the TIHK features an integrated clip for easy attachment to any part of your clothing. Join the thousands of law enforcement officers, military and security professionals who have made the TIHK a part of their everyday carry. Act now and receive free shipping on orders over $25!

"Love this!! The TIHK key is the smallest but most necessary tool I can think of to keep on me everyday. Even though I haven't needed to use it yet, I have tested it with two different styles of cuffs, flawless performance on both sets. I recommend the TIHK key to everyone I know. Great product!" - Night Security Professional