EvadeClip (Pre-order)

Be prepared for the unexpected with this ultra-tiny tool that features a lock-pick set and two saws. EvadeClip Feature Diagram

At TIHK we believe in being prepared for anything. Survival in an urban environment is complex. Beyond the large range of threats you may face, there's often little to no warning. To be prepared it is crucial that you have the proper tools with you at all times. We created the EvadeClip for just that purpose.

The integrated clip enables easy attachment to your person, such as on your clothing, or somewhere else on your gear like within a bag. The overall shape is as minimal as possible at only 1/4" thickness and 1/2" wide by 2-1/2" long. In the final product, the visible metal pieces will have a dark coating to further the stealthy appearance of the EvadeClip.


New orders expected to ship in early-January 2017.


Pre-order Information & FAQs

Your order is a pre-order and will ship after we finish production. Due to the high demand for the item we will be shipping in the order in which we received your pre-order. We expect to begin shipping orders in early-December. New orders will be shipped in mid-December. You will be charged for your pre-order immediately.  Again, orders will be shipped in the order that they are received.

Wasn't your original ship date in June?

As when bringing any product to market, unforeseen challenges may occur while bringing the EvadeClip towards the proverbial product development finish line.  Our team has many years of experience bringing products to market, and we successfully completed our first crowdfunding campaign on time and within budget. We’re using a proven team of manufacturers and vendors to execute production. That being said, we had to delay delivery by slightly more than one month due to some design improvements after detailed testing. Please note: Images above are not 100% representative of the final product but the functionality has been improved and it is now slightly smaller. 

Are lock picks illegal? 

The short answer is "not usually," however there are some states and countries where possession of a lock pick is not legal. See our reference guide here: Lock Pick Guidelines.

Safety & Liability

The EvadeClip is a tool and has the potential to be dangerous and cause injury. Our products are intended for use in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws. Improper or illegal use of the EvadeClip is not endorsed or encouraged. Use of all products is at your own personal risk and discretion.

Note: Computer aided renderings and physical prototypes are used in the campaign images and video. These are representative of the final product, however, there may be slight changes made to improve manufacturability or to improve reliability.