TIHK Handcuff Trainer Kit

An emergency handcuff key is a necessary part of your everyday carry, but it's not going to be very useful if you don't know how to use it. Take your preparedness to the next level with the Handcuff Trainer Kit.

This kit features a visible cutaway to give you an inside look at the internal mechanism of most handcuffs. Watch the locking device in action as you practice and see how quickly your skills improve! With a greater understanding of how handcuffs work comes a greater sense of confidence in your ability to escape unlawful detainment.

TIHK in use.

The Handcuff Trainer Kit includes a 10-pack of TIHK keys. TIHK is a patent pending handcuff key that utilizes an integrated clip for easy attachment to your clothing so it is ready when needed. Its minimal, low-profile design and low-visibility coating ensure that it can be carried inconspicuously and go undetected when detained. Designed to fit all standard "peerless" style handcuffs.

Practice with them until you're a pro, and then store them in your go-bag, on your person, and any other place they may come in handy.