TIHK Escape Stick

Need to be prepared for the worst? Forget carrying multiple tools to fumble with, or worse, not having what you need when disaster strikes. This super innovative 3-in-1 Escape Stick enables escape in the hairiest of situations. Not only will you never need to worry about losing your handcuff key, but you'll also be equipped with several sawing implements so you're never caught off guard by unconventional restraints.

The low-profile Escape Stick includes a thin metal saw and a rod saw with an integrated metal handcuff key on the end. Its' diminutive 3" length and thin 3/8" diameter rubber case enable it to be easily hidden on one's person for easy access. The black and unassuming exterior doesn't draw any attention, and it is thin enough to slip into a pocket or shoe. Keep it on your person at all times, or when your surroundings may be dangerous or unpredictable.

The Escape Stick is an excellent and covert tool for everyday carry. Use the rod saw, with the rubber sheath as a convenient handle, to cut metal, plastic, wood, and fibrous material. The strong pointed end can quickly pierce through tape. The metal saw is useful for cutting all kinds of tape and can also be used as a shim pick for releasing zip ties and cuffs. The strong integrated handcuff key can be used on most single- and double-lock cuffs.