Special Promotion

We can't predict the future; there is no way of knowing for sure when circumstances may work against us. What we can do is prepare ourselves! The TIHK, a universal handcuff key made of reinforced polymer, is the perfect addition to your everyday carry as well as your bug out bag. An integrated clip sets TIHK apart from other universal handcuff keys; it can be slid securely onto your belt loop, tucked in an inner pocket, or even attached to a bra strap or underwear waistband.

Thousands of law enforcement, military, and security professionals have already increased their readiness for the unthinkable by purchasing the TIHK universal handcuff key. Don't let another day go by without adding TIHK to your arsenal of preparedness tools! For a limited time only, use the promo code TIHK10 for 10% off orders $20 and above.

"I travel a lot and I feel secure knowing that in the event I'm in a situation I had not planned on being in, I can use this as an escape tool." - Highway Patrol Officer

TIHK Handcuff Key