EvadeClip Status Update - July 11th

EvadeClip Customers:

We are long overdue on providing an update on the EvadeClip manufacturing progress. As of late we had been waiting for some sample units so that we could provide a more comprehensive update to you all. We’re still waiting on those and didn’t want to push this update out any farther.

But first, why are we just now getting production samples? Let me explain…

We want the EvadeClip to the be the final answer for an urban escape and evasion mini tool kit. After so much positive support with the campaign and extensive field tests with our prototypes we decided to redesign the EvadeClip. Don’t get me wrong, the EvadeClip was pretty sweet to begin with but the opportunity to make something good absolutely great was hard to pass up.

  • We made it smaller. By changing the form factor the EvadeClip will now be more discrete on your person or in your kit.
  • We made it stronger. This was especially important when using the saw. The rod saw now locks into position which makes it far superior to the previous design.
  • We made modular. You’ll have the ability to purchase different tools, picks and inserts down the road so you can customize your EvadeClip to fit your needs.
  • We made it looks so dang cool. We can't wait to show you what our industrial designer came up with.

So the bad part is that the delivery schedule is not what we originally hoped for. Depending on how the next round of samples turn out, we don’t expect to begin shipping till the first week of August or so. I expect we’ll have a more detailed update in the next week or so outlining the changes with pictures and video. At that time we will also be able to confirm the schedule. 

Not ideal, but trust me: this is worth it!

The team is currently working on ways to show our appreciation for your continued patience. More on that in the next update!



Justin (product designer) and the rest of the TIHK Team