EvadeClip Status Update - August 19th

updated evade clip

Dear EvadeClip Customers:

Again, we are long overdue for an update on the EvadeClip manufacturing progress. After reviewing the prototypes we mentioned in the last update we decided that the direction was not a positive one for the product. While we had made it considerably smaller it did not feel like a solid product — it wasn’t the robust urban escape and evasion mini tool we wanted. It was decided that we should delay again and change the design.

Prototypes since the last update.

From there our product team had to go back to the drawing board. How do we ensure this is a small and durable product yet packed with the necessary features? Can we add the most requested feature of a glass break? Will this product last a long time?

After the redesign, the answer is yes and below we show a simple rendering showing how it works. The product lid opens up and various tools can flip out. By closing the lid you’ve locked in the tool and created a handle for easy manipulation of the tool. We’ve also been able to add a glass break feature (we’re testing an alternative location this weekend that may be a safer spot).

Animation showing features

So what’s next?

  1. We have our next meeting with the manufacturer Monday to start to finalize the schedule. We should be able to start shipping around the 12th of September if things go well but still need confirmation on all of the individual components.
  2. Look for an email by the end of the month with the final delivery schedule and a web form for updating your shipping address if you’ve moved.
  3. If you’re tired of waiting and would like a refund please email team@tihk.co and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

Again, we're sorry for the massive delays but everything is looking fantastic and we're excited with where we landed with the product.



Justin (product designer) and the rest of the TIHK Team