EvadeClip Status Update #4

Dear Evade Clip Customers:

The past month has gone by much too fast as our product team has been scrambling to move the ball forward with the EvadeClip. Obviously, we are significantly later than anyone would have hoped since we got going but all things are pointing to a fantastic end product.

I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting your pre-ordered product and we sincerely appreciate your patience thus far. You’re going to have to wait several more weeks as we button down the final details. We fully expect to begin shipping out no later than the end of October.

The main hold-up at this point is the glass break component and it's been frustrating. We anticipated in the last update of having these by the end of September but here we are still waiting for final production. The process of getting production samples on this component has been very slow especially with this item coming from China (as we mentioned before, this is our only option for this component). Throw in the “Mid-Autumn Festival” where they didn’t respond to our emails for a week and you can see why we’re frustrated.

During that period of radio silence, we engaged a firm that specializes in sourcing and procuring components like these from Asia. The work they’ve done in the last week has been amazing and they’ve found a reliable source that will have them ready to ship from Asia around the 14th of next month with arrival the following week.

As for the rest of the components (all made in the USA), those are moving along well and the injection mold tooling for the main body components is being sampled and tested right now. There is a short production timeframe after we see samples next week on Tuesday.

As of right now, given no further surprises, we expect to have all the components ready for assembly around the 15th of October with the exception of the glass break coming the following week. We anticipate starting to ship these as soon as the glass break comes in and we can start to attach them. It is highly likely that we have all of the pre-orders shipped by the end of October!

Again, we sincerely appreciate your patience and are going to be including another extra handcuff key (Version 2) with each EvadeClip pre-order! If you’re tired of waiting and would like a refund please email team@tihk.co and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.


Justin (product designer) and the rest of the TIHK Team


Ps. Now that we have a fairly firm schedule, we will be asking for address confirmations in the next week or so.