EvadeClip Concerns

We appreciate the honest feedback sent to us by those of you who have received your EvadeClip pre-order. Please continue to contact us with any concerns, feedback or suggestions as you use your EvadeClip. We thought it would be useful for us to address some of the common feedback we’ve received thus far.


Plastic Body

The major form factor change introduced a plastic, single-piece body to house the components (mentioned late-Summer, debuted November 2016). Due to the flexibility of the plastic, there are concerns that it is cheap or weak. In order to utilize a living hinge, as the EvadeClip has, you are limited to only a few plastic resin options. The resin we chose is much tougher than the other options but is also more flexible. It is important for the integrated clip to be able to deform to clip onto things but not permanently so. The minor body flex is a result of this choice.

As for why we changed to a living hinge and integrated clip, it’s very simple: the end result is much much smaller and lighter than any other options. The EvadeClip isn’t meant to be used everyday but it is meant to be carried everyday and help you out in a pinch. A backup tool need not be constructed to survive daily use.


Cord Saw

One of the primary concerns has been that the cord saw blade is much smaller than what we originally showed when we launched the original concept. During the course of reducing the overall product size, we made it much smaller (thinner) but kept the primary function the same: cutting through rope and cordage. This was never meant to be a knife.

That being said, this is the one part of the product that we are not 100% happy with. We wish the material was thicker and that it was not so loose at its attachment point. These both were noticed at the last minute as differences from previous production samples, however, we chose to not delay manufacturing any longer. We are actively investigating options to address both the stiffness and looseness in future production runs.


“Flimsy” lock picks

Another concern we’ve received is that the lock picks are “too flimsy” and therefore are not of quality. There are many lock-picks on the market that are stiffer but they are all carbon steel and not conducive, in our opinion, to carrying around everyday. We utilized an expensive 301 series stainless steel that is partially heat treated (1/2 hard) so that it is strong while not being brittle.


Glass Break Length

While we intended for the glass break tip to be slightly recessed to avoid accidentally scratching things, it is more recessed than desired. We will make a minor change to the tooling so that the tip is closer to being exposed. On the positive side, the plastic does deform enough when you hit a window and is definitely capable of breaking tempered glass in a pinch.


One-handed Opening

In its current incarnation, we didn't design the product to be accessible with one hand. You can, however, make it one-handed by using scissors to cut off the end of one of the two clips. This will make it possible to open with one hand at a sacrifice for securely holding the tools.


Changes to Original Design

Over the course of this project, we made the decision to change the original form factor to keep the EvadeClip small and light. We utilized our blog and email list to send updates and show progress along the way, but it has come to our attention that not everyone was privy to that information. We understand that to receive a final product so different from the original design can be an upsetting experience, but that was never our intention.

We hope that helps clarify some things or spurs some constructive feedback. Again, please don't hesitate to contact us with your comments or questions.